Saturday, September 4, 2010

A church like none other.

A church like none other? Hmmm. I think that there are some likenesses that will be at the Intersection in comparison to other great bible teaching churches. We love Jesus. That is very much like other churches. We love kids. Also a great attribute to have that is shared with many churches. We believe in passionate Holy Spirit lead worship and preach the word of God out the Bible. Also something found at other churches that seek after the will of God. So what makes us different?
Jeremiah and I are different. We have a love and passion for the people who have given up on their dreams and connect to musicians and creative types by listening and encouraging them to use their gifts for God. We love to celebrate and have a good time! We are a couple who for the last 11 years have been faithful to each other and blessed to be given the awesome opportunity to parent two beautiful children. But lots of pastor's are blessed to be parents. So why are we different......

God has called us to Gettysburg and beyond to shine a light in a very dark place. To share Jesus with those who have not heard or who have walked away from the Father's love. To those who once had dreams of being somebody and now feel depressed and dejected. We believe in the life altering power of Jesus Christ and we believe that through prayer and daily seeking after a relationship with God, we as humans can find our purpose and passion, reigniting the dreams and hopes that God inscribed at one point in our hearts. We are a couple who believes in miracles and a second chance to live life with hope and happiness. We believe not only in you but we believe all the hopes and dreams inside of you are God's way of leaving an indelible mark on us, your community. You were born with a purpose and have been called to such a time as this. So shake off the depression, shake of the rejection and find your purpose and vision. Join us as we learn to Create, Connect, Contribute and Celebrate all God has called us to be! The Intersection...where Faith and Creativity Meet. Let us help you find your passion for life and your creator God!

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